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Gather all the materials: 6mm open ring (SSRJ6-100), 8mm open ring (SSRJ8-100), silver filled wire dead (SFB22S),cedrella calentas pod (CNCS1033TQ, CNCS1033DT, CNCS1033YG), green turquoise cube (PS1904TQG), round navy bluelimestone coral bead (LM1310NB), blue round coco beads (COS1303B, COS1305B), blue coco heishi beads (COS1406B), sterling silver head pins (SSCTR7X13-25), sterling ball head pins (SSPB019X1-50), blue colourcraft wire (BCCC22BL) and flat disc silver plated beads (ms023).

To create a chain, connect two open rings in 6mm and 8mm size. Alternate the pieces until you connect 54 open rings. Repeat this process for the 2nd chain. For the dangle, attach 8mm and 6mm open rings until you form 17 rings. Set aside.

Cut twenty-eight 1.75 in. pcs.(SFB22S) silver filled wire dead. On one end, measure 1/2 in. then bend. Create two groups. For the first group, thread two pcs. CNCS1033tQ and MS023 (4PCS), two pcs. CNCS1033DT and MS023 (4pcs) and two pcs. CNCS1033YG and MS023 (4pcs). For the 2nd group, thread two pcs. CNCS1033TQ and COS1303B (8pcs), two pcs. CNCS1033DT and COS1303B (3pcs) and two pcs. CNCS1033YG and COS1303B (3pcs). Set aside.

Thread a round navy blue limestone coral bead onto a 2 in. sterling silver ball head pin. Finish with a double loop (3pcs). Thread the ff.onto a 1 in. sterling silver head pin: a green turqouise cube (5pcs) and two pcs (COS1305B) blue round coco beads (3ps). Finish with a double loop. Set aside.

Cut one 10 in. BCCC22BL. On one end, measure 2 in. Bend it at a 90 degree angle. To start the swirl design, use the tip part of the round nose pliers creating a 1.5mm ring. Hold the ring with your flat nose pliers & make the bigger ring next to the first one until the seventh or the last ring. Set Aside.

To make the center piece, attach 9 pcs. cedrella calantas pod with flat disc silver plated beads onto a 6mm open ring in the ff. order CNCS1033TQ, CNCS1033DT and CNCS1033YG. Cut one 15 in. BCCC22BL. Make a simple loop on one end. Attach the loop into the 6mm open ring with the cedrella calantas pod. Interlace the cedrella calantas pod and the BCCC22BL blue colourcraft wire. Let the wire pass under the first pod, over the second pod and under the third. Continue this process until you reach the tip of the wire. Finish with a simple loop and attach it to the nearest pod.

Place the swirl design on center of the flower. Allow the 2 in. wire allowance to pass through the center of the 6mm open ring. Bend it upward & let it pass through the edge of the woven wire. Bend downward to make sure it passes through the 2nd last ring of the swirl design. Twist both ends of the wire and put a 1 in. allowance. Make a double loop creating a link.

Attach the pendant links to the chains forming Y necklace.

Attach the PS1904TQG onto the 8th ring, COS1406B on the 10th, CNCS1033TQ COS1303B on the 12th, 2pcs. COS1305B on the 14th, CNCS1033DT with MS023 on the 16th, LM1301NB on the 18th, CNCS1033YG with COS1303B on the 20th, PS1904TQG on the 22nd, CNCS1033TQ with COS1303B on the 24th, COS1406B on the 26th, CNCS1033DT with COS1303B on the 28th, CNCS1033YG with MS023 on the 30th and CNCS1033TQ with COS1303B on the 32nd ring. Repeat this process for the other neckline.

STEP 10:
Attach CNCS1033YG with MS023 at the end of the dangle, PS1904TQ on the 2nd ring, CNCS1033TQ with COS1303B on the 3rd, LM1310NB on the fifth, COS1305B on the 7th, CNCS1033DT with COS1303B on the 8th ring, CNCS1033YG with COS1303B on the 10th, COS1406B on the 11th and CNCS1033TQ with COS1303B on the 12th ring.

STEP 11:
Connect all eight pcs. 6mm ring to make an extender. Attach the COS1305B to the last ring of the extender to finish the necklace.

Cedrella Pod Necklace Items:
22 pcs. CNCS1033TQ cedrella calantas pod turquoise green
16 pcs. CNCS1033DT cedrella calantas pod dark teal
18 pcs. CNCS1033YG cedrella calantas pod yellow green
5 pcs. PS1904TQG green turquoise cube
3 pcs. LM1310NB round navy blue limestone coral bead
16 pcs. COS1303B blue round coco beads
5 pcs. COS1406B blue coco heishi beads 9 pcs. COS1305B blue round coco beads
72 pcs. SSRJ6-100 open ring
64 pcs. SSRJ8-100 open ring
28 pcs. 1.75 in. SFB22S silver filled wire dead
1 pc. SSCTR7X13-25 sterling silver clasp
3 pcs. SSPB019X1-50 sterling silver ball head pins
1 pc. 10 in. BCCC22BL blue colourcraft
1 pc. 15 in. BCCC22BL blue colourcraft
14 pcs. MS023 flat disc silver plated beads
13 pcs. SSPH020X075-100 sterling silver head pins