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Design Combo 3

List of Materials – N-0136
1pc. ELP1848M electroplated leaf
2pcs. MPC1800-M leaf charm
3pcs. WD1315CHM woods beads
3pcs. WD1310CPM wood beads
5pcs. WD1310TQM wood beads
5pcs. WD1310GYM wood beads
40in. BCRL15LBR-50M leather cord
16pcs. COPE025x2-144 eye pins
24in. BCCC24N natural colourcraft
8pcs. CORJ8C-100 closed jump ring
3pcs. CORJ8-100 open jump ring
19pcs. CORJ4-100 open jump ring
1pair COCT04-5 twist toggle

List of Materials – E-0136
2pcs. ELP1850C electroplated leaf
2pcs. COEW008-50 earwire
16in. BCCC24N natural colourcraft
14in. BCRL15LBR-50M leather cord
4pcs. CORJ8-100 open jump ring
2pcs. CORJ4-100 open jump ring
6pcs. COPE025x2-144 eye pins