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Design Combo 12

List of Materials – N-0149
4pcs. CNCF1027MU cedrella flower
4pcs. CNCF1027TQ cedrella flower
4pcs. CNCF1027AQ cedrella flower
1pc. CNCF1027B cedrella flower
4pcs. CNCF1027OL cedrella flower
4pcs. CNCF1027P cedrella flower
3pcs. CNCF1027WR cedrella flower
8pcs. LM1310DB limestone coral
1strand WD1305W wood beads
1strand COS1303R coco beads
13pcs. FMRJ4S-144 open jump ring
9pcs. FMRS6S-144 split rings
76in. BC19-012BT-100 beadalon wire
2pcs. FMBTDS-144 bead tips
1pair FMCLTOG1S-144 toggle clasps
20pcs. FMCRTU1S-15 crimp tube
8.)2pcs. FMELB1S-144 leverbacks

List of Materials – E-0149
1.)2pcs. LM1310DB limestone coral
2.)2pcs. CNCF1027AQ cedrella flower
3.)4pcs. COS1303R coco beads
4.)2pcs. FMHP10S-100 head pin
5.)10in. BC19-012BT-100 beadalon wire
6.)4pcs. FMCRTU1S-15 crimp tube
7.)2pcs. FMRJ4S-144 open jump ring