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Design Combo 10

List of Materials – N-0145
1pc. CNP030B “pangi” seed
12pcs. CN007FD “bahay” seed
8pcs. COS1403R coco heishi
3pcs. COS1403B coco heishi
22pcs. BON1306 bone beads
10pcs. BON1604 bone beads
4pcs. FMSES-144 suede end caps
2pcs. FMSPPH028x2-72 head pins
1pair FMCLTOG1S-144 toggle clasps
29in. BCSF28W-25 suede lace
120in. BCAW28S artistic wire
1pc. FMRJ8S-144 open jump ring
3pcs. FMRS6S-144 split rings
3pcs. FMRJ4S-144 open jump ring

List of Materials – E-0144
2pcs. FMEW001S-144 ear wire
2pcs. MPS2500-ST metalcast charm
2pcs. BON1310 bone beads
2pcs. CN007SD “bahay” seed
8in. BCAW20S artistic wire
2pcs. FMSPPH028x2-72 head pins
8pcs. FMRJ8S-144 open jump ring
4pcs. FMRJ4S-144 open jump ring
16pcs. COS1305B coco beads