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Design Combo 1

List of Materials – E-0130
2pcs. SP1029MK-CV carved makabibi shell
2pcs. SP1823MK-CV carved makabibi shell
10pcs. TC1300G shell beads
20pcs. FMRJ6S-144 open jump ring
10pcs. FMRJ4S-144 open jump ring
2pcs. FMEW001S-144 ear wire
10pcs. FMSPPH028X2-72 head pins

List of Materials – N-0130
1pc. SP1325MK-CV carved makabibi shell
1pc. SP1029MK-CV carved makabibi shell
11pcs. TC1300G shell beads
9pcs. FMRJ6S-144 open jump ring
19in. BCRL15LBR-50M leather cord
5pcs. FMRJ4S-144 open jump ring
2pcs. FMRJ8S-144 open jump ring
12pcs. FMRS8S-144 split rings
2pcs. FMRS5S-144 split rings
1pair FMCLTOG1S-144 toggle clasps
9in. BCAW20S silver artistic wire
1tube TLGSHYPO01 g/s hypo cement
6pcs. FMCE18S-144 cord end caps
5pcs. FMSPPH028X2-72 head pins

List of Materials – E-0132
2pcs. LSEZS1528MC wood beads
4pcs. WD1306W wood beads
4pcs. WD1310N wood beads
2pcs. WD1310RW wood beads
1 strand SH052-5O heishi beads
1 strand SH052-5V heishi beads
1 strand SH037G shell beads
4in. BCAW20S silver artistic wire
4pcs. FMRS8S-144 split rings
22pcs. FMEP10S eye pins
2pcs. FMEW001S-144 ear wire
14pcs. FMRJ4S-144 open jump ring
14pcs. FMRJ6S-144 open jump ring