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Wire & ColourCraft Tools

Wire & ColourCraft Tools showcase different kinds of beading materials. Each tool varies from designing to creating pattern sheets, shaping and flattening beads, sculpting wire and enlarging and rounding-out bead holes. Wire & ColourCraft Tools range from Coiling Gizmo to Chasing Hammer, Beadalon Bead Reamer to Jump Ring Tool.

Coiling Gizmo
Beginner Thing-A-Ma-Jig
Beadalon Bead Reamer
Coiling Gizmo

simply and easy to use. includes two cranking rods (.063" (1.6mm) and .135 (3.4mm) diameter), a bracket frame, and instructions. use for ColourCraft.

TLCGIZ01$6.30, 10-$56.70

Beginner Thing-A-Ma-Jig

3x4mmA lightweight 3"x4" (7cm x 10cm) plastic base and plastic pegs. Perfect for the amateur designer; an inexpensive entry-level tool that works best with smaller gauge wires (20-28 ga.)


Beadalon Bead Reamer

three tools in one: use to enlarge, de-blurr, and round-out bead holes. Three different tips are included to fit bead holes from the smallest up to 5.0mm. each tip is coated with diamond dust for smooth, even reaming. handy spring clip enables you to carry tool in your pocket like a pen.

TLREAMER01$17.35, 10-$156.15

Deluxe Thing-A-Ma-Jig
Jump Ring Tool
Chasing Hammer
Deluxe Thing-A-Ma-Jig

forms elaborate loops for jewelry components. adjust the pegs on the jig base to create patterns of your own or follow the pattern-sheet. replicate designs consistantly. sturdy 4"Deluxe Thing-A-Ma-Jig" (10cm x 13cm) aluminum base with aluminum pegs, use for ColourCraft.

TLJIG02$14.20, 10-$127.80

Jump Ring Tool

[ PRICE per piece] Wear on your finger as a ring and use the Jump Ring Tool to open and close Jump Rings with ease. Simply insert the Jump Ring in one of the three slots and twist to open.

TLJUMPRNG$1.55, 10-$13.95

Chasing Hammer

flat-back and ball-peen head allow for precision wire sculpting. perfect for use with anvil.

TLHAMMER01$5.90, 10-$53.00

Desktop Horn Anvil
Desktop Horn Anvil

a single round horn with a generous flat work surface allowing you to shape and flatten ColourCraft.

TLANVIL01$11.00, 10-$99.00

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