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Bangles & Bracelets

Bangles and bracelets never run out of style. Bangles are versatile accessories that can go with any outfit —from jeans-and-shirt to wedding gowns. Whether you like them chunky or sleek, stack up on bangles and bracelets to flatter your wrists and make a tasteful statement with any wardrobe. Our collection includes wood bracelets, horn bracelets, shell bangles & bracelets, and laminated metal bangles with organic inlays.

Metal Bangles
Shell Bangles & Bracelets
Wooden Bangles and Bracelets
Metal Bangles

Shell Bangles & Bracelets

Wooden Bangles and Bracelets

Crochet Bangles
Horn Bracelets
Crochet Bangles

Horn Bracelets

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